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Welcome to Wood Chip Decor! We create unique wooden home decor that's perfect for modern interior design enthusiasts like you. Our items, including coasters, trays, and hexagon shelves, are made in-house with love using woodworking tools like lasers and CNC machines. We use bright, cheerful paints to add a pop of color.

We understand your limited time for hobbies and relaxation. That's why we offer easy-to-install items that will transform your space quickly. Our products fit your aesthetic needs and meet your budget, and you can check out our photos and reviews on our website or Etsy store.

Balancing work and personal life can be challenging, and we want to support and inspire you. Sign up for our newsletter for new products, promotions, and helpful tips on decorating your home. Join the Wood Chip Decor family today!
Examples of items we sell