Congratulations on discovering your design style as Whimsical!

Whimsical decor is all about having fun with your home decor, incorporating bright colors, playful patterns, and quirky elements. To help you bring this style to life in your home, we have five easy ways that you can incorporate this style into your decor:

  1. Play with patterns: Mix and match patterns like polka dots, stripes, and florals to create a playful and fun vibe in your space.

  2. Use bold colors: Incorporate bright and bold colors like hot pink, turquoise, and sunshine yellow to add a pop of fun to your decor.

  3. Add some sparkle: Use metallic finishes like gold or silver to add a touch of glamour to your whimsical decor.

  4. Accessorize with quirky accents: Incorporate whimsical elements like animal figurines, funky artwork, and unique light fixtures to add personality to your space.

  5. Mix in some vintage pieces: Incorporating vintage or antique pieces can add an element of nostalgia and whimsy to your decor.

Our wooden home decor items would fit perfectly with your Whimsical style. Our hexagon floating shelves, wall vases, and plant hangers can add a unique touch to your space.

We've included some visual examples of how to incorporate this style into your decor, as well as some additional product recommendations from our shop. 

Thanks for taking our quiz and discovering your design style. We hope our guide will inspire you to create a fun and whimsical space that perfectly reflects your personality.

Whimsical Mood Board

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