Hanging/ Care Info

Care and use

You bought / received some supper fun and colourful décor to brighten your home! How to use it, hang it and / or care for it? We have info below for a number of our products and links to help you. How to hang our shelves is listed first, for care of our other items scroll down.


How to hang your floating shelves?

We have a listing for hardware for our shelves but if you didn't get the hardware from us no worries you can pick up what you need from most renovation stores like Rona, Home Depot, Lowes, Canadian Tire even some Walmarts will have what you need.

First off count the holes you have in the back of your shelves. If you got a mountain there will be three and if you got hexagons there will be two per shelf. You'll need one screw per hole (our hardware pack are sold in sets of two ie. one set per hexagon shelf) We recommend also using wall anchors. The type will depend on what kind of wall you are mounting them too (ie. drywall, lathe and plaster, wood, concert, etc) check the packaging on the anchor for more info.

These are examples for drywall anchors.

For the screws we recommend #8 screws between 2 1/2"-3" long. You can use other types as long as the head is about 3/8" to fit in the hole of the shelf.

When you have your hardware, lay out your design. We recommend a floor or table. Then start hanging with your inside shelves and work you way out. 

For the next part we have a video to help you. Take a look here to see us hang them in our Instagram story videos under the Hanging Hexagons. Or take a look at the video below.


Care for our table top items like coaster, trivets and trays.

All our table top items are clear coated with a mat finish to protect them. For cleaning we recommend wiping them down with a wet cloth, DO NOT submerge them in water. They can resist water but try not to let water sit on them for hours on end. If something gets stuck in one of the groves we use an old tooth brush to remove it.

For trivets- Our trivets are designed for use on tables to protect the table finish from the warmth of the bowls or plates they are not meant to be use for hot pans and pots right from the oven or stove top.