For The Uniquely Colourful 

Wood Chip Decor is a handmade wooden decor business mixing colour, pattern, and texture with new an old techniques.


But who's really behind all this- The Wood Chip Story



  Hi, I'm Liz, I've been making in one way or an other for most my life, mainly with wood.

The wood chips have taken a number of twists and turns. It started off just me working out of my parent’s basement shop. More just messing around with fun projects but a small idea of what if I could do this for a living. Then my friend Em joined in. We started by making a sign she wanted and she showed her boss. Next thing we knew her boss was encouraging us to join a craft fair they had at her work that was a month away. We had one sign, not one type of sign, one sign. We had a month…. to make EVERYTHING! So we did, but if we were going to make a few for one show why not do a few shows right. How hard could this be….. We survived the first Christmas craft seasons and thought why not do that again.

After that show season my husband and I bought an old farm house with a super cute log cabin in the back. I use super cute loosely, it needed a lot of work but it became my workshop. The “beautiful” and “cute” log cabin needed help. A main supporting wall had been removed, the insulation was a pile of bio hazard at the bottom of the wall behind the drywall, every wire but the main power line had been chewed, the roof leaked, the roof was not insulated, the extension on the side was slowly rotting away, oh and a family of raccoons was living inside. So after not “making” for over 8 months while I made this little shop a home for the wood chips we did another Christmas craft show season.

In 2019, after our second Christmas craft show season, we started to take this a bit more seriously. We designed new products, did floating shelf orders almost every month, got our products in a few local shop, got a new website, cleaned up our branding, and signed up for much bigger show for the 2019 Christmas season. It was a lot of work but I loved it. The making, the shows, the customers who choose to perches our products to decorate their homes it was a rush or excitement for me!

Em however was not enjoying it like I was. Although she liked the designing she realized she kind of fell into this unintentionally. So we decided she would move on to other adventures at the end of the year, and I would go back to a solo wood chip.

I tossed ideas around trying to find my creative voice and the new voice and direction for the wood chips. Then looking around I realized what I surrounded myself with. From my bold stenciled painted floors in the house, to the hexagon walls and wood cookie wall in the shop, and many other example form the past; I loved color and partner and woodworking. So with the help of my woodworking skills and venturing off in to the world of laser cutter designs I found a new path. Only thing is now that I found this path I have so many ideas and I want to make them all!!