Details and Ordering

Details and Ordering

How to order

We've made it easy to order. We've partterned with Faire to make ordering quick so you can get back to the rest of your to do list.



Order Confirmation

The Buyer/Stockist will receive an order confirmation via e-mail that order has been placed and an other when products are shipped. 


Once payment has cleared, your order will be sent out within 10 days. If you are ordering during peaks season (Christmas) or a large order (30 units or more in total) we will contact you about your delivery date. Typical all orders are sent out with in a maximum of 15 days.

If your order is time sensitive, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Canadian order should arrive within 3-5 business days. Any international orders will take longer, please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to arrive.


All prices in our linesheets and on our website are listed in CAD dollars. Authorized retailers will receive 50% off the Suggested Retail Price,. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Suggested Retail Price 

All Wood Chip Decor products have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Products or goods purchased from Wood Chip Decor shall be sold at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the Wholesaler. The Buyer/Stockist may not charge less than the suggested retail price. If the Buyer/Stockist chooses to place the products or goods for sale at a discount, the Buyer/Stockist cannot discount the products more than 80% below MSRP without the prior approval of Wood Chip Decor. Permission for special sale events beyond the 80% discount must be requested in writing to Wood Chip Decor.


No products or goods purchased from or produced by Wood Chip Decor shall be resold by or through any on-line auction or online store (including but not limited to eBay, Amazon or Kijiji) without the express, written authority of Wood Chip Decor. If the Buyer/Stockist resells via third-party, the relationship between Buyer/Stockist & Seller will be terminated. The Buyer/ Stockist is allowed to sell on their own shop website.


The Buyer/Stockist agrees to assume sole responsibility of collecting, reporting and remitting all taxes to the correct tax authority for all business transactions, sales or revenue stemming from the sales of the Wholesaler's products.


Shipping cost will be confirmed upon order.

Orders over $500 before tax ship free within Canada, otherwise postage will be added to your final invoice. You will be sent a second invoice for the shipping and your items will not be shipped until it is paid. 

All orders are sent securely, insured and tracked.

Wood Chip Decor is not responsible for any taxes, fees or import tariffs.

International orders

Wood Chip Decor with cover 100% of the shipping cost for all US orders over $750 CAD and all other international orders over $900 CAD. The Buyer/ Stockist is responsible for paying all duties and import fees. 

You will be sent a second invoice for the shipping and your items will not be shipped until it is paid, if your order is under $750 CAD.


Wood Chip Decor will offer exclusivity to Buyer/ Stockist, should the Buyer/ Stockist request it, for any and all products purchased by the Buyer/ Stockist if the Buyer/Stockist maintains an order minimum of $500.00 CAD/ quarter. Exclusivity is valid within a 5 km radius of the Buyer/Stockist's brick and mortar location. Exclusivity is not available for online based Buyers/ Stockists.


All our orders of sets as well as standalone items such as signs or trays come with any necessary packaging and ready for you to sell in your shop.  

Wood Chip Decor packaging shall not be removed and/or replace by the Buyer/ Stockist with out written confirmation for Wood Chip Decor. 

If you require packing that matches your shops brand we will work with you to provide you with a suitable option.  

Standard packaging is included with your order. Custom packaging minimum order 100 pieces.

100 custom packaging cards $75 CAD

250 custom packaging cards $90 CAD

Product Images

Wood Chip Decor will provide images to be used for your print and online presence. Should you require any additional images, please contact us. We would prefer that all images of our products online are a good reflection of our brand.

If your brand has a slightly different aesthetic or way of photographing than ours pleas contact us so we can agree to a suitable option for both brands.

We have a Google drive that you can access with both white background as well as staged pictures of all our Items. Feel free to use them for your website and promotional needs.

You can find a link to our drive in the Wholesale Link page. Images are updated as new pictures are taken.