Gift Warping

We love it when you send our piece as gifts, but we get it some times it's nice to personalize them a little more that just a random amazon box like thing. That's why we have added GIFT STICKERS!!!

Just let us know after your order threw a note to the shop or email us directly and we'll add a sticker before it ships out. 

Ordering way ahead of time? Delay your shipping date!

We like your style being prepared is great but you may not want the gift sitting there for weeks on end. We all know that person that just can't hold back form open that gift asap (me, I'm one of those people...) So you can now delay shipping up to a month in advance. Take advantage of a sale and then let us know to hold the shipping for up to a month. We'll get your order ready, send you a picture that's it's done and then let you know when it ships.


We currently have stickers for these events, but if see something we are missing send us an email!

Christmas-- Wedding-- Birthday-- Graduation

Gift Sticker