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Theses are not your grandmothers coaster!

Home decor is not just a "treat yourself" kind of thing to us. We know the right decor can change your whole home and create an environment for you to be the best version of yourself! Don't believe us? Look it up, there are countless studies on how the spaces we spend our time in affect so many parts of our lives. Even a simple coaster can bring a smile to your day and that's worth it for us. - Liz
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    But who's really behind all this

    Hi! I'm Liz

    I've been making most my life. I'm the main maker behind Wood Chip Decor. Along with the help of my husband and mini maker (our daughter JM) we bring all the color you see here to life. I've always loved making and working with wood, throw in some fun patterns and bright colors and the wood chips were born! I love to play with new patterns using tools like a laser cutter, our recently added CNC, table saw and a whole host of others to bring my ideas to life. The pieces we create include a lot of bright fun and happy colors, I believe every home should have a pop of fun and happiness.

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