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We are always happy to join more shops as we work to bring bright modern home decor to your customers, and give them an easy way to add vibrant uplifting interior design to their homes.


Interested in ordering some our our lines for your shop?

We have two ways for you to easily order.


Order through our website with your own personalized code (email us to request a code and info sheet) Email at hello@woodchipdecor.com


Send us an email with what you'd like to order and we'll get the ball rolling for you. Email at hello@woodchipdecor.com


Top notes:

-Minimum order of $250.00 ($500.00 before wholesale discount)

-Free shipping on orders to Canada and the US (outside of Canada and the US? We would love to work with you, email us and we'll set up an order for you. Discounted shipping on your order.)


We look forward to joining your great shop! 

What do our current shops say about us?

"We carry thousands of items and the products Liz makes at Wood Chips Decor are best sellers for us! It's because of the unique colourful designs, high quality, and competitive pricing for local handmade goods. She is also a dream to work with, and incredibly organized to deliver on time!"

-Gareth, Maker House, Ottawa

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