We are settling in to our new family of three. Pleas allow at 3 to 4 week trunaround before shipping


  • She's Here!!!

     She's here!! Little JM joining the family June 24 bright and early in the morning and has been keeping us hopping. We are so excited that she's he...
  • It's almost time!!

    We are getting closer and closer to bringing our new bundle of joy home! We've been working hard to get the house ready and I've just finished the ...
  • Making Fun Coffee Trays

    This week I'm showing how these fun serving/ coffee trays come to life in my shop before heading out to their new homes. This is a fun behind the s...
  • Life Changes

    How did we get from renovating homes to making fun geometric décor.  A fun behind the maker video.
  • Mother's day my friends!!

    It’s right around the corner.   I don’t know about you but I always struggle with what to get my mum. Mind you that might be because she does like ...
  • How to Make Hexagon Shelves

    I posted my first video in over 3 years and I started with our fun hexagon shelves. That’s right you can get a behind the scenes look at what goes into making them.