It's almost time!!

We are getting closer and closer to bringing our new bundle of joy home!

We've been working hard to get the house ready and I've just finished the video of how we decorated her room. It turned out sooooo cute, a clean classic queen anne style to match the rest of the house with a fun rainbow theme and of course some hexagon shelves to top it off.

But as week count down the days to our due date there are defiantly a few things that are going to change around here, at least for a bit anyway. We'll be switching all our turnaround times for the 1-2 week that we normally do, to everything set to a 4-6 weeks turn around. We'll be doing our best to keep the normally timing but this will get us a bit of peace since as everyone know due date for babies are more of a guess than a standing deadline.

So enjoy our little video of her new room and we'll chat with you soon!!